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About the Platform

An innovative learning platform for those who may not have the resources or time to learn in a conventional classroom setting.

Powerful Resources

Wide range of online sources

Learning Materials

A broad variety of online content to learn and practice

Video Classes

Learn from real teachers

Global Community

Connect and find learning partners

English and math are essential skills for anyone.

Global Teach’s platfrom is democratizing education.

Adequacy in English and math areas can lead to: 

  • More job opportunities
  • Greater professional success
  • New connections and relationships
  • Financial skills
  • Personal confidence

Each user begins their Global Teach journey with an online placement quiz

What sets Global Teach apart is its incorporation of a traditional classroom in a virtual setting. Each lesson is taught by a skilled educator.

Our free chat function lets our students help and teach each other. Every student will have the opportunity to connect with another student anywhere in the world via chatroom.

Premium Features

A highly resourceful, innovative, and various course materials to practice reading and listening, writing and speaking skills.

Chat Feature

Learning Calendar

Video Content

Meetup Events

100% free

Easy to keep track

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